Primary School Prep Free DIY Guide

Primary School Prep Free DIY Guide 


We have prepared a FREE comprehensive online step by step guide which shows you how to adequately prepare your baby, toddler or pre-schooler so they don't fall behind when they get to primary school.

How To Get Access to Primary School Prep Free DIY Guide

Primary School Prep Free DIY Guide is only available to those who have completed our Primary School Prep Free Email Course short course. It's only five roughly10 minute videos over 5 days. 

Why we only give access to those that have Completed the Email Course

 We want you to succeed and there is likely to be a high rate of failure for those who haven't accessed our email course:


  • You will face challenges when teaching your baby, toddler or pre-schooler. You need to know how to overcome those challenges if you want to succeed.¬†The Primary School Prep Free Email Course¬†will equip you¬†with the tools¬†to overcome those¬†challenges.
  • ¬†Most parents have an approach to education/teaching that will cause them to fail if they apply that to teaching their child. The Primary School Prep Free email course will help give you the right approach to teaching your child.

Who Is Primary School Prep DIY For?

It is for you if:

  • You have a child from 5 months to 3 years old or¬†your child has at least¬†2 years left until he or she starts primary school,
  • You want to get rid of the risk of your child falling behind in primary school and you want them to thrive instead.¬†
  • You live in a country that we¬†currently¬†support
Check you are based in a country we that support & Sign Up for Primary School Prep Free Email Course

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