Why Prepare! How to Prepare!

Why And How To Prepare  Your Baby, Toddler Or Pre-schooler To Avoid Falling Behind In Primary School

Why you Must Prepare Your Baby, Toddler Preschooler Now To Avoid Them Falling Behind In Primary School


If your does not get a good start and falls behind in primary school it will be difficult for them to get back on track later on. The risk of your child falling behind is high especially in nations where they have high teacher to pupil ratios and primary school education is either very tough or poor quality. 

If your child falls behind it will be very difficult for them to catch up later. You can avoid this risk by adequately preparing them for primary school while they are still a baby (from 5 months), toddler or pre-schooler.  The sooner you start the better.  

How To Prepare Your Child

Valida Academy uses right brain training techniques which it has uniquely adapted for the specific purpose of preparing a baby, toddler or pre-schooler to avoid falling behind in primary school. 

The exact steps that a parent needs to take is outlined step by step in our Primary School Prep Free DIY Guide. 

The first step that you need to take in order to access the free guide is to sign up to Primary School Prep Free Email Course which is 5 roughly 10 minute videos over 5 days. This short course prepares you to successfully use the DIY Guide. 

First check that you are based in a country that we support and then sign up for the email course. 


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